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Ross Dress for Less Massillon Marketplace Pylon Sign

Custom Pylon & Pole Signs and Graphics

Attract new customers with Adams Signs and Graphics’ custom pole and pylon signage. Our high-quality signage can help your business stand out from the competition.  From single to multi-location, we have the expertise you can depend on. 

What are Pylon and Pole Signs?

Pylon signs, also known as pole signs or freestanding signs, are a kind of sign that is attached to one or two poles, independent of any other structure and are typically very tall. These are also known as “highway signs” or “road signs,” as they are commonly seen along high-traffic roadways to advertise the location of a gas station, restaurant, or hotel.

Adams Signs & Graphics offers custom pylon signs in any style and color. Our award-winning designers can help you create the perfect style for your business.

Benefits/Advantages of Pylon Signs

The benefits/advantages of pylon signs for your signage include the following: 

Pylon Signs are for any industry 

Companies use pylon signs in many industries, such as airports, motels and hotels, restaurants, movie theaters, hospitals, shopping plazas and business parks, gas stations and truck stops, and malls and retail stores.

Pylon Signs are highly visible.

Because of their height, pylon signs can be seen from miles away, attracting the attention of passersby before they reach the business’s location. This kind of sign can be seen over hills and bridges, giving awareness to the business that may otherwise be hidden.

Pylon Signs are customizable.

Pylon signs can be designed specifically to promote one business or many businesses in one location. They can also be fabricated in many designs using various materials, a lightbox, LED message boards, masonry elements, and different options for pole mounts. 

Pylon Signs are durable. 

Pylon signs are fabricated using durable metals and materials to withstand the elements for many years.

Pylon Signs are cost-effective (use or don’t use).

Although the initial cost of a pylon sign may be more than other signage options, they are a relatively cost-effective form of advertising with a high ROI and require minimal maintenance. Because pylon signs often use back-lit panels for advertising the business, these panels can be inexpensively swapped out when the business changes.

Mounting Options for Pylon Signs

Pylon signs are available in a variety of options:

  • Single-pole mount: the classic design
  • Twin-pole mount: a similar style as single-pole mounts, but these offer greater stability and are recommended for larger signs.
  • Covered-pole mount: brick and mortar can be used to cover the bare poles to better adhere to your business image

What is the difference between a pylon sign and a monument sign?

While both types of signs can display the names and logos of multiple businesses, pylon signs are typically taller than monument signs which are shorter and stockier.

How Tall Can a Pylon Sign Be?

Pylon signs range in height anywhere from 5 feet to over 100 feet high.

Looking for signage for a large business or commercial shopping center? Pylon and pole signs are highly recognizable and use a wide range of materials, colors and forms. Incorporate LED message centers, logos and multi-tenant signage to attract customers.

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