Funeral Home Signage

Custom Signs and Graphics for Funeral Homes

Attract new customers with Adams Signs and Graphics’ custom funeral home signage. Our high-quality signage can help your business stand out from the competition.  From single to multi-location, we have the expertise you can depend on. 

Benefits of Funeral Home Signage

Funeral homes can benefit from various types of signage, as it helps them communicate important information, create a welcoming atmosphere, and guide visitors. Here are some common types of funeral home signage and the benefits they offer:

Exterior Signs

  • Monument Signs: Large, permanent signs near the funeral home’s entrance display the establishment’s name and logo.
  • Directional Signs: Signs that guide visitors to parking areas, entrances, chapels, viewing rooms, reception areas, and other facilities within the funeral home.

Marquee Signs

  • Changeable Letter Signs: Signs with removable letters to display custom messages, such as upcoming services, condolences, or event announcements.
  • LED Signs: Electronic signs with programmable messages and graphics allow funeral homes to provide timely and relevant information to the community.

Interior Signs

  • Reception Signs: Signs in the entrance area or reception desk indicating where visitors can check-in, sign guest books, or receive assistance.
  • Wayfinding Signs: Signs placed throughout the funeral home to guide visitors to different areas, such as viewing rooms, chapels, restrooms, and visitation areas.
  • Room Signs: Signs on doors or walls that identify specific rooms or areas within the funeral home, such as chapels, arrangement rooms, family lounges, or visitation rooms.
  • Informational Signs: Signs providing essential details about funeral services, memorial events, bereavement support, or other resources available to families.

Event Signs

  • Service Announcement Signs: Signs placed outside or inside the funeral home to announce upcoming memorial services, visitations, or celebrations of life.
  • Directional Signs for Events: Signs that help attendees find their way to specific areas within the funeral home during large memorial services or events.
  • Parking Signs: Signs indicating parking areas and specific instructions or guidelines for visitors attending services or events.

Memorialization Signs

  • Tribute Displays: Signs or digital screens showcasing photographs, videos, or personalized messages in memory of the deceased.
  • Memorial Walls: Dedicated walls or displays where families can place photos, mementos, or memorial plaques to honor their loved ones.

Most Common Types of Funeral Home Signage

Here are some common types of signs you may find in a funeral home:

  •    Monument Signs
  •    Pylon Signs
  •    Wall Signs
  •    Wayfinding Signs
  •    Parking Signs
  •    Reception Signs
  •    Room Signs
  •    Informational Signs
  •    Etiquette Signs
  •    Tribute Displays
  •    Memorial Walls
  •    Service Announcement Signs
  •    Directional Signs for Events

These are some of the common types of signs you may encounter in a funeral home. The specific signage needs and design may vary based on the funeral home’s size, layout, and services offered. These signs aim to provide information, guidance, and support to grieving families and visitors at the funeral home.

If you own a funeral home, crematory, or cemetery, let us work with you to create custom signage to showcase your dignified work to the community. Our promising pricing and quality work are the perfect combination to turn your vision into a reality!

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