LED Digital Displays

LED Digital Displays

What is an LED Digital Display?

LED Digital Displays, also known as electronic message centers and digital signage, are eye-catching signs that include LED-lit displays. Words, symbols, and images are digitally shown and provide viewers with new and up-to-date information.

Adams Signs & Graphics is the premier dealer of LED message centers and have options to fit any budget. We have pioneered the use of LED message centers and have worked with hundreds of communities nationwide to modify zoning laws to permit their use.

Whether you require digital signage for a large cathedral or a corner gas station or broadcasting live action in an arena, Adams Signs and Graphics can deliver an excellent return on your LED message center investment.

Benefits of Electronic Message Centers

The benefits of LED digital displays or electronic message centers for your signage include:

Helps to Draw Attention to Your Business

With their eye-catching illumination, passersby can’t help but be drawn into your sign and, hopefully, the ever-changing message it’s stating. As a result, passersby will be more likely to remember the message that is associated with the business, which will increase the chances of a sale and a repeat customer.

Are Visible 24-hours a Day

Because the LED digital displays are lit, they are visible to passersby day and night, making the most of your signage investment.

Usage Versatility

Electronic message centers can be used in numerous industries, such as commercial businesses, entertainment venues, schools, and community buildings. In addition, this type of sign can be used on its own or incorporated into another form of sign, such as a pylon sign.

Message Versatility

Business owners can keep the messaging current and have the ability to schedule messaging to promote a new offer, announce exciting news, or relay important information, such as a change to opening hours, making LED digital displays an effective marketing tool. 

High Durability and Low Maintenance

LED digital displays require low maintenance and are resistant to damage.

Electronic Message Centers Sign Options

EMCs vary depending on the purpose of the sign and the message it intends to relay. EMCs can be used with indoor and outdoor signage, can suit the size of your sign or building, have tri-color or multi-color displays, and opt to show text-only displays or display realistic graphics, animation, or video. With all of the options available, we’re positive we can help you choose the best LED digital sign for your business, stadium, church or school.

We pride ourselves on creating professional custom signs that draw attention to your business. Check out examples of our LED Digital Display projects for inspiration.

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